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We are constantly looking for new talents!

People first, pioneering with a collective spirit and always advancing with a growth mindset - that's what we stand for at the Adecco Group. We care about making the future work for everyone. And that starts with our own people.

We are the Adecco Group Nordics. A network of passionate professionals working together across a family of brands to help businesses optimise their talent, transform their workforces and build the employability of people. Keep reading and find out what it’s like to build a career internally in the Nordics at any of our family of brands! You can also build a career where you move from one brand to another.


Meet some of our colleagues 


Is Sales at the Adecco Group for you?

Try out our interactive tool here to see if a role as Sales Consultant with us could be a good fit for you.


How we hire

We believe that having an understanding of the hiring process helps you to prepare, feel, and be, at your best. At the Adecco Group we strive to give you the best experience we can during your recruitment process regardless of what the outcome might be, whether you get the job or not. Read more here.


Why Adecco Group Nordics

In the Nordics you can work for us at TAG, Adecco, LHH, Modis. While we all have our own specialties and expertise we work as one big family. When you walk into one of our Nordic headquarters you will meet people from all of our brands who you will call your colleagues.

While we are part of a global fortune 500 company and ripe the benefits of this superpower, we operate very localized and close to the market in the Nordics.



Our vision is to ensure that people across the globe are inspired, motivated, trained and developed to embrace the future of work. To be in environments where they are empowered to thrive, stimulated to succeed and given every chance to make their individual futures better and brighter than ever before.

We share laughter daily, we share our successes, but we also share when something doesn't go well and see it as lessons learned.



Our mission is to attract and grow leaders who make an impact on our people, our customers, our partners and the communities we operate in. They inspire and motivate their team members to use their hearts and minds to do the right thing. Our leaders are curious global citizens keen to make a positive difference. They focus on creating a great workplace for their teams, so they can perform and reach their potential.


Our 5 core values


Our holidays and benefits

Our holidays and employee benefits vary depending on which country you work in. Here are some of the benefits we offer our employees in the Nordics.  




5 weeks paid annual leave, sport and lunch vouchers, discounted or subsidiesed wellness and wellbeing initiatives. 6 weeks paid annual leave, extra paid time off around public holidays, discounted or subsidiesed sport and wellbeing initiatives. 5 weeks paid annual leave, discounted or subsidiesed sport and wellbeing initiatives.


The Adecco Group Nordic

Corporate Social Responsibility at the Adecco Group

Did you know that The Adecco Group is very much involved in various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives?

Here are a few important ones worth mentioning:


Wellbeing Ambassadors

When we feel good, we do good. Wellbeing is not only a personal priority, it’s ours too. To help us support and promote our wellbeing agenda we have dedicated Wellbeing Ambassadors for our Nordic countries. Our ambassadors support us in creating a culture of wellbeing by promoting wellbeing initiatives, educating our people and inspiring all of us to take care of our own and other peoples health.


CEO for One Month

CEO for One Month is a global initiative that offers young people the possibility to develop and showcase their leadership potential, to learn what it takes to succeed as a business leader and to acquire the skills and the experience needed to get a foot on the career ladder. Each country practically selects one person, usually among thousands of applicants, and takes this person in to be the CEO of the local business for one whole month.

Learn more about CEO for One Month in the Nordics. Register your interest and be the first to know when we launch for 2024!


International Future Leaders (IFL)

International Future Leaders is a 18-month leadership development programme for early-in-career high potential talents across the Adecco Group. The International Future Leaders programme has a two-fold purpose, to increase the Adecco Group’s ability to retain and develop high potential, early-in-career talent and to create a strategic pool of high-quality internal candidates to feed the leadership pipeline. Creating a pipeline of strong, commercial leaders with the skills, experience and passion to deliver tangible business performance, drive the pace of transformation and successfully foster a culture of innovation across the Adecco Group.


Employee engagement and having a voice for change

For employee engagement and wellbeing we use a tool called Peakon with the help of which our employees get to rate on a scale from 1-10 how they are feeling working for us and how we can improve. According to our Peakon scores, the reasons why people stay with us and what they appreciate the most with working for us are:

  • Goal Setting - goal-setting helps people understand why their work is important. Well-formulated goals set clear expectations. They also provide a clear measure of how much impact is made by achieving them.
  • Autonomy - Autonomy is a universal human need. In a work context, autonomy is measured by whether people feel they have control over how they carry out their work. This in turn is highly influenced by the amount of freedom people have on individual tasks.
  • Peer Relationships - Having healthy relationships with peers is part of a fulfilling life at work. When there is a high level of trust and support amongst peers, and people feel like they can count on each other to produce quality work, this strengthens peer relationships.


Diversity & Inclusion

We work actively to create the conditions that support a culture and work environment of belonging, trust and participation for all. Our aim is to attract, recruit and retain a diverse range of talent. This not only facilitates the labour market integration of underrepresented groups but also enables us to bring more perspectives, experiences and skillsets into our business to create better results for our people and our customers.

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