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Fos-sur-Mer, France
Business Unit
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Envie de rejoindre une équipe dynamique, conviviale avec de belles valeurs, pour un stage gratifiant, avec du sens, alors n’hésitez plus, rejoignez nous !

Notre site Adecco Onsite recherche un(e) Stagiaire chargé(e) de recrutement pour son site de FOS-SUR-MER (13)

Vos missions : 


- Intégrer et Accueillir sur site des intérimaires et/ou collaborateurs

- Informer les candidats et/ou intérimaires sur la mission proposée, leurs statuts, droits, obligations et règles de sécurité au travail

- Rédiger les annonces d'emploi

- Effectuer du Sourcing 


- S'assurer de la satisfaction des intérimaires et/ou des clients

- Accompagner et suivre régulièrement sur le parcours professionnel des intérimaires et/ou collaborateurs : actions de professionnalisation et de fidélisation


- Constituer les dossiers d'inscription, les saisir et mettre à jour la base de données

- Gérer administrativement les intérimaires et/ou collaborateurs

- Rédiger les contrats de mission et de mise à disposition

Vous avez une forte énergie, une bonne humeur communicative et le goût du relationnel.

Curieux, vous apprenez vite et n’attendez pas que ça vienne à vous. Vous aimez la polyvalence ? Tant mieux, ce poste est anti-routine.

Toutes nos offres sont ouvertes aux personnes en situation de handicap

N’hésitez plus et rejoignez nos équipes passionnées et engagées ! Apprenez un métier qui vous permettra chaque jour de faire bouger le monde de l’emploi et de participer à sa transformation. 

Posting date: 24-10-2023


Get to know us

Our team is making a difference in people’s working lives and leading society into a future driven by human potential and inclusion. We’re disrupting and transforming norms – looking beyond resumes and connecting people with opportunities to truly get ahead. As the world's leading workforce solutions company, we are offering flexible placement, permanent placement, outsourcing and managed services across all sectors. At Adecco, we believe in the potential of people. We deliver the right talent capabilities at the right time, enabling flexibility and agility for clients. Help us deliver on our purpose to transform the world of work through people who love what they do.

Diversity & Inclusion at Adecco

Join Adecco: Empowering Diversity, Driving Inclusion
At Adecco, diversity fuels our success. We embrace unique identities, backgrounds, and perspectives to build an inclusive future. Our commitment to equity ensures fair access and opportunity for all.

What We Stand For
Diversity Fuels Success: Embracing a full range of identities, from gender and race to ability and nationality, we create a vibrant and innovative work environment.
Equity for All: Fairness drives everything we do. We provide equal access to opportunities, resources, and recognition for everyone.

Championing Inclusion in Action
Expertise in Refugee Integration: We lead in integrating refugees through social coaching, training, and partnerships, making a positive impact on their lives.
Skills for the Future: By upskilling and reskilling, we empower candidates to succeed in the workforce, we bridge the talent gap, driving growth and empowerment for all.

Join us in building a future where everyone thrives. Be a catalyst for positive change with Adecco!


At Adecco, empowerment drives us, and our collective spirit inspires us to create meaningful change. We envision a world where everyone has a chance to participate in the future of work. Our culture of inclusivity and entrepreneurship enables continuous growth, making a positive impact on society.

Each role at Adecco contributes to a greater cause by making a real difference in people's lives. We connect talent with opportunities, creating careers and shaping a brighter future for everyone.

Fuel your career with Adecco's brand purpose, emphasizing empowerment, societal impact, and leadership in workforce solutions. Together, let's embark on a remarkable journey of transformation and fulfillment, shaping a brighter future for everyone, everywhere.

"Our ambition is to reinforce our leadership in workforce solutions and make the future work for everyone, all around the world." - Christopher Catoir – President Adecco

Learn more about Adecco

We are Adecco, a global leader in workforce solutions. We work to make a difference in people’s working lives and lead society into a future driven by human potential and inclusion. We have a commitment to disrupting and transforming norms – looking beyond resumes and connecting people with opportunities that truly get them ahead. As a member of the team, you’ll be empowered to deliver on our purpose to transform the world of work through people who love what they do. You will be a commited career partner that supports the employability of our Associates and their success.

  • Collaborate with purpose, connecting authentically to achieve remarkable goals together.

  • Embrace change, taking bold initiatives with tenacity to drive extraordinary results.

  • Focus on customers, creating strong partnerships and understanding their evolving needs.

  • Fuel your curiosity, embrace continuous learning, and grow professionally with us.

  • Join a dynamic team that navigates change fearlessly, turning challenges into opportunities.

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Inclusive Culture, Empowering Impact: Join Adecco's supportive environment, making a difference through work

Fuel your career path with meaningful work, societal impact, and sustainable growth

Flexible Hybrid Work: Enjoy work-life balance with Adecco's agile and adaptable work arrangements

Global Opportunities, Diverse Roles: Explore a world of career possibilities with Adecco's global leadership

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