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location-pin Seoul, Seoul, South Korea
location-tag 220002IB
About Adecco
아데코그룹(Adecco Group)은 포춘(Fortune)지 선정 글로벌 500대 기업 중 하나로, 세계 48개국에 지사를 두고 있는 HR 서비스 분야 세계 1위 기업입니다. 아데코코리아는 아데코그룹의 한국지사로 1999년 설립되어, 글로벌 네트워크를 통한 노하우를 바탕으로 인재파견, 아웃소싱, 커리어 컨설팅, 헤드헌팅 서비스에 이르기까지 전문화된 종합HR 솔루션을 제공하고 있습니다. 이와 함께 아데코코리아는 “Making the future work for everyone”의 기업비전을 실현시키기 위해 다양한 사회환원 프로그램들을 운영하고 있습니다.
Job Summary
• 고객사 영업 및 관리
• 전문 Industry 및 Function 선정
• 담당 분야 고객사의 포트폴리오 구축
• 개인별 매출 목표 및 KPI 이행
• 주요 후보자/고객사 DB 입력 및 관리
• Recruitment Consultant로서의 전문성 강화 위한 교육 참여 및 목표 설정
• 후보자 서치 및 관리 등 채용 관련 업무 전반
• Sales (Developing new client & Maintaining existing client relationships)
• Establish and Maintain a professional working relationship with all Clients.
• Make verbal and written contact with prospective clients with a view to obtaining a business commitment.
• Arrange visits to existing and prospective clients.
• Actively promote a full range of Adecco’s services including those of specialist brands.
• Keep in close contact with existing clients in order to explore all possible opportunities available.
• Ensure that all active clients are in possession of TOB(Terms of Business)’s.
• Keep up to date with competitor activities and industry trends.
DB Management (Clients & Candidates)
• Minimize time spent in candidate search, and enhance reliability or competitiveness by managing candidate data by job category who meets corporate client requests in various industrial sectors.
• Analyze the job market situation and gather information to accurately/effectively advise and lead all clients/candidates.
• Support successful career management through consulting with experienced candidates in each field.
Candidates Search & Recruitment
• Accurately understand the purpose and needs of the client's recruitment to ensure the successful recruitment of the candidate type required.
• Obtain full details of all vacancies through a detailed job brief.
• Ensure that clients are only introduced to candidates that fill the requirements of the role. (as per job brief)
• Develop, present and deliver recruitment methodologies that are tailored to the client needs.
• Proactively attract candidates using a variety of different means.
• Provide a warm and professional welcome to candidates at branch and over the phone.
• Interview candidates to assess goals, skills and previous employment to collate all relevant details to enable the best possible job selection.
• Evaluate a candidates suitability for the role and to effectively communicate the reasons why or why not successful.
• Ensure all candidates are given a full briefing to interview.
• Maintain regular contact with placed and actively seeking candidates, and maintain post placement follow up.
Time Management
• Refine the recruitment schedule, and manage the time so that the recruitment process can proceed at the right time.
Data Protection
• Strictly control much of the data gained from the work so that the information requested by the business/candidate is not exposed to others.
• Maintain data integrity in all systems.
• Achieve expected levels of financial performance. (Perm Gross Margin)
• Negotiate fees for perm placements.
• Ensure all vacancies comply with legal (IR, ER) standards.
• Complete all reporting requirements as required.
• Maintain all quality systems as per company guidelines
• MS Office 활용에 능숙하신 분• 1년 이상의 채용 유관 경험을 보유하신 분
• 고객응대경험 혹은 Hospitality 산업 내 업무경험을 보유하신 분
• Staffing/HR 서비스 산업에 대한 이해 및 업무경험을 보유하신 분,

What’s next

지원서 접수

- 지원 방식 : 아데코그룹 커리어사이트 ( 회원가입 후, 지원서 첨부 접수

- 지원 양식 : 자유양식 영문 또는 국문 이력서 중 택 1

* 국문 이력서의 경우, 아데코코리아 홈페이지 ( “Resources” 카테고리에서 “입사지원양식" 다운로드하여, 양식 참고 가능

서류심사 & 인터뷰

- 서류 심사 : 합격자에 한하여 1차 인터뷰 일정 개별 통지

- 1차 인터뷰 : 직무적합성 평가

- 2차 인터뷰 : 조직적합성 평가

처우협의 및 최종합격

- 입사 : 입사 후, 3개월의 수습기간이 적용되며, 복리후생 및 처우는 동일합니다


M : | T : 02-6200-9722

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